In today’s world, a well-defined social media strategy plays a key role in realizing your business goals. Brainstorming and devising an effective strategy will help you to tick off all your major long term activities on your business checklist – it could be about creating a market buzz, building brand awareness, ensuring customer satisfaction, driving traffic to your website or generating sales leads.

You will be right if you think that there are conversations happening about you and others on the social media. It is important that you too participate in that conversation. Your prospective customers or even people in general want to talk to you and know you better.

However, just saying that your participation is important is not enough. You need a detailed social media strategy to handle such conversations which will eventually lead to realizing your business objectives.

Digiscope will chalk out a social media strategy tailored to your needs. We put in our efforts to understand how your business works, what your business goal or audience is, before we design the customized social media strategy for your company.

Social Media Planning & Management

So what if you already have your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts? Signing up for social networking accounts is easy. The important or the crucial part is maintaining them with a purpose and a plan. Conversations do not only have to be meaningful but also fruitful.

You need to hear, understand and react to what your customers are saying about you or your product. We manage your social media accounts in real-time so that we can monitor and remove spam and also reply to customer comments promptly and appropriately to generate positive reactions and impressions. We analyze and monitor conversations around your specific products or services, to identify influencers and gain insight into the customer experience. We track how your fans and followers are interacting with your social media pages and modify our strategies accordingly.

Whether it is developing professional profile on LinkedIn, building marketing plan via Facebook, or doing viral marketing on YouTube or Twitter, we shall craft the perfect social media strategy plan to deliver your desired results. Thus we ensure that your social media presence is responsive, effective and growing.

Social Media Monitoring

Designing your social media strategy and planning is only the beginning. It needs to be monitored and analyzed to understand where exactly your business or your company is positioned today.

Social platforms generate wide pools of data that can be studied to provide clear insight on what the world is saying about your brand and business. We will take inventory of your current social media pages and do a thorough SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) for your business. We will also provide an analysis of your major competition’s activities on social media to make a detailed report and present the findings from our social media monitoring activities to help you make smarter business decisions.

With these, you will be able to promptly monitor your online reputation, check on trends and analyze media mentions for your company, brands, or clients. Whether you need to get visibility on the impact of a marketing campaign, or simply want to know what kind of expressions people use for your company or brand, social media monitoring can let open the doors to invaluable market research for your business.

Social Media Advertising

If you own a business, you would most likely want to put it online. While online marketing seem interesting, it also requires some targeted strategies.

With a major section of one billion folks using Facebook and just as many utilizing all of the other social platforms, there is an indisputably huge opportunity for you to spread your message through advertising within the social media space. Social media marketing is all about developing online public interaction platforms to market a brand or a service. It is more trusted than other types of advertising as the feedback is directly shared by the customers.

Putting up ads on sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more, monitoring the campaign that surrounds those ads, managing those ads, ensuring that the people who notice your ads and experience your brand are promising prospects and can lead to sales conversions is what Digiscope will do for you.

We plug in social media marketing into your online marketing plan and the result is the establishment of your brand in the top social media websites and also gets your business ranked top in online search engines.

We will create and manage your profile pages on the major social networks, such as Facebook, Linked-In and YouTube. Microblogging services like Twitter will be used to build up a wide community of people who can receive your blog posts, news and sales promotions. We will also submit blogs, news and articles and distribute them across various online article, press release and social bookmarking websites.