• Focused 


    We are a details oriented team and work meticulously from conceptualizing, story boarding, designing to execution of every project as a dream project.

  • Digital 


    We place your brand on the Digital map at the most appropriate spots before the most relevant audience to garner eyeballs & drive your business.

  • Objective 


    We take a very clear understanding of your promotional & marketing needs and accordingly deliver what we promise to your satisfaction.

Digital Branding

In today’s all-digital world, its prudent to have your brand and business placed digitally across all relevant online channels. Let us help you do just that in a smart way.

Viral Video

We believe in crafting crisp, impactful and entertaining videos that will establish an immediate connect between your brand and your target audience – making them ‘virally’ popular.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

One of the strongest tools for Search Engine Optimization, PPC advertising that we design can bring relevant traffic to your website within quick turnaround time.

Content Marketing

We brainstorm and develop interesting text and audio visual content for all your marketing requirements as we know that content is what people see, read & absorb.

Graphic Designing

A picture says a thousand words. We understand and approach your graphic elements with utmost care. Brand identity, logo, promotional materials – we do it all.


We conceptualize and run innovative contests on social media to attract, engage & reward people to maximize your brand visibility & popularity. Simple!

SMO Booth - Your Digital Partner

Web as we know it today, bears multiple dimensions. It has thrown open a new and much wider avenue for individuals, brands, organizations or businesses to define and manage how they are perceived by the masses. Among all the tasks performed over the online medium, communication holds prime importance, and the most effective way to do so is through social media and digital marketing.

At SMO Booth, we understand the growing importance of social media and digital marketing and hence we provide customized solutions to our clients. These smart marketing techniques are extensively used to generate immediate & necessary publicity through social media channels including social networking & online community websites. Several tools such as RSS feeds submission, blogging & incorporation of third party community functionalities like Flickr or Shutterfly photo galleries and YouTube or Metacafe videos are typically used to drive targeted traffic from various sources to you.

SMO strategy is increasingly being conceived as one of the media to develop online reputation management. Smart businesses are even integrating social media contribution as part of their knowledge management strategy (i.e. product/service development, recruiting, employee engagement and turnover, brand building, customer satisfaction and relations, business development and more).

We at SMO Booth have a simple way of arriving at SMO or Digital Marketing strategies for you. We first understand your requirements, irrespective of whether you are an individual or represent an organization and identify various social networking sites, communities, forums and bookmarking sites etc that cater to your interests and goals. These are different avenues to initiate an open yet controlled line of communication with your clients, customers and prospects. We then undertake market research and meticulously select & analyse the target market segment that you wish to capture. Once the attractiveness of your chosen audience is evaluated, a palette of digital marketing services is arrived at in resonance with your marketing needs. Finally we structure the processes that would cause the most appropriate and desired blinks on your online media radar!


About Us

At SMO Booth, we understand the growing importance of social media and digital marketing. Be it our Social Media Optimization (SMO) or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service, we provide you customized solutions. So if you are an individual or an organization or a brand, we are more than happy to help you, guide you and see you grow your name far and wide.

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