Advertising is all about garnering attention of your target audience towards your products and services such that it results in generating queries or leads and most importantly sales conversion. While the conventional methods of advertising still hold true, online advertising gives you an edge in today’s digital world.

Online advertising is primarily paid advertising that we run on websites, search engines or apps to reach out to people who are accessing these avenues. These can be video advertising, advertising on social networks, mobile advertising, e-mail advertising, banner advertising, Google or Bing search advertising and a lot more. The common ways of doing this is as below:

  • Cost per Thousand (CPM): You pay when your messages are exposed to specific audiences
  • Cost per Click (CPC): You pay every time a user clicks on your ads.
  • Cost per Action (CPA): You only pay when a specific desired action (generally a purchase) is performed

The advantages of Online Advertising are many but prominently are:

  • Reach far and wide: There is no geographical boundaries to worry about. You can define your ad to be displayed to people located anywhere in the globe. It’s a digital world.
  • Value for money: It is way more cost effective as compared to the traditional advertising means.
  • Result monitoring: It is easy to track your campaign effectiveness with smart analytical tools so that you can consciously stay updated on the do’s and don’ts of your next campaigns.
  • Tailor made approach: You can decide your ad will be seen by who, when and how. There is no blanket promotion if you choose not to and be very specific about your target audience.