Accessibility anytime, anywhere is the Mantra of Life today. Smartphone penetration and hence app adoption is only on the uphill route as more and more people access apps for getting information, shopping, gaming, tracking health, business et al.

Most brands now have their apps uploaded on Google Play or Apple Store. This is a great channel to connect with your prospects and customers on a real time basis and therefore allow for immediate and accurate consumer feedback and insight.

We design apps for Android and iOS platforms that are user-friendly, interactive and engaging enough to make them return more often and for more.

Why apps are a must-have’s?

  • It’s a direct channel of interaction between the brand and the consumer. Any information you would want to cater, announcement to make, deals & discounts to offer – you can update them via app notifications in no time.
  • For detailed information, consumers can always go the website but if the need is to seek the same information in a crisper and smartly packaged manner, apps are the most convenient access point.

How will our apps be?

  • Easy to understand and use. We understand not all would be tech savvy and value your convenience more than technologically chic interface.
  • Present in two of the most popular platforms – Android & iOS
  • Secure and safe.
  • Can be accessed and used when offline as well, at least most of the features.
  • Personalization wherever possible.
  • Easy on the search. We make the app pages and information easy to find.
  • Structured analysis of consumer interaction to better the offerings.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of getting your app greater visibility in the App Store. The app world is inundated with millions of apps, so there are ample chances of your app (no matter how great it is) getting lost in this app abundance. ASO includes the ways and means of getting your app noticed by the right set of people at the right time at the right place.

Our ASO approach is simple. The primary focus will be on the keyword usage. After having done a thorough research on your app features and offerings, we would list down the most apt keywords to be plugged into the app title and description to get better ranking in the app search pages. Next will be the visual elements. We would design your app icon in a manner that it stands out of the crowd and gets due attention. Similarly, the app screenshots will be designed not only attractively but also efficiently to anchor consumer attention followed by downloads.